Cycling Guidelines

The cycling season officially kicks off the first week of April and ends the last week of October. You will find the rides listed in the quarterly bulletins under the Activities tab on the website.There are also ad-hoc rides offered throughout the year. These are announced in separate emails.

Rides take place across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Occasionally a leader will lead a group to Vancouver Island or outside the above mentioned areas. The rides are of various length and difficulty. Refer to the guide at the top of each month’s bulletin for how rides are rated. If you are unsure you and the ride are a good fit, contact the leader for more information. Always be honest with yourself for your sake and the sake of others who sign up.


Our club rules are few but important:

  1. Helmets are mandatory (see the policy on helmets Bike Helmets Policy).

  2. Be on time. Arrive early enough at the start location to have yourself ready to depart at the time the leader posted. 

  3. Have your bike in good mechanical condition. You will be unable to participate if you arrive with a bike with obvious signs of disrepair

  4. Always signal to alert other riders of your intentions.

  5. When riding in a group and want to pass another cyclist or pedestrians, please advise you are doing so and always pass on the LEFT, calling out to alert them.

  6. All riders are expected to have at a minimum a spare tube on each ride they attend. 

  7. Mirrors are recommended and for some rides, leaders may require them.

  8. When on busy roads riders need to be single file and following traffic rules

  9. Following the VOA Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct) is mandatory. Please familiarize yourself with this document for all activities.



Class 1 (pedal assist) E-bikes are welcome (see the policy on e-Bikes ebikes Policy) to join any ride. All riders must respect the differences between e-bikes and regular bikes. All leaders will make sure the riders stay behind the leader and the pace is kept to one that all riders can maintain and enjoy. If you are unsure of the proper etiquette, ask your leader for clarification.