HIKING - Sun Peaks

Friday September 3 - Tuesday September 7




Explore up to 18 inter-connected designated multilevel hiking trails in Sun Peaks; from low-grade strolls to breathtaking alpine summits up to 6,000 above sea level and all the way up to Tod Peak Trail conquering the 7,060 ft highest summit.



In addition to many spectacular hiking trails there are lakes close by (McGillivray & Heffley being the most popular) that offer outstanding paddling/kayaking opportunities + mountain biking trails a-plenty with 29 distinct trails. This location offers many activities for everyone’s enjoyment.

Sun Peaks is surrounded by 3 mountains offering 18 designated inter-connected hiking trails from low-grade, sightseeing strolls to a breathtaking summit on Tod Mtn with a stop at Tod Lake. Take a ride up the Sunburst chair lift and start at mid-mountain 6000’ above sea level. Enjoy adventure in the legendary Sun Peaks Bike Park with 65+ kms of trails. Try BC’s highest elevation 18-hole golf course at over 1,200 metres above sea level. Enjoy paddling on Knouff Lake and even explore the many additional beautiful lakes in the area. Or try fishing in one of BC’s best lakes. In Sept the cooler, crisp weather brings a kaleidoscope of color.

Accommodations at historic Knouff Lake Resort: Back to a simpler way of life in these historic small cabins; private peaceful tenting sites & spacious RV sites. Staying in these wonderful old cabins requires the proper mindset, as does staying in an ancient hotel in France or Italy.

This Resort was first established in 1904 & offers unparalleled historic beauty. With upgrades over the years there are unique historic antique cabins, large RV & tenting sites, all with clean modern washrooms & showers. There are boating opportunities on the lake (some rentals available) and multiple lakes in the area offer great kayaking choices. Swimming is popular in this lake and it’ll be warm through Sept. Mountain biking trails surround the area and road cycling in the area has little traffic to contend with.

Nestled between beautiful forest-covered mountain and 25 min from Sun Peaks Resort Knouff Lake is ~3,800 ft above sea level. Sept is an ideal time to enjoy hiking/mtn biking/kayaking in this beautiful area.

Rustic cabins (limited amount; 2-4 ppl per cabin); RV sites; tenting sites

When expressing interest please advise preference of accommodation.

Limit of 18 people. Deposit required to secure spot.

Please contact Chris Larson for further information or to sign up.