Executive Positions Policy

Apart from the mandatory positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary (see bylaws) the following positions can be held:

  1. Membership - responsible for providing information to perspective members, membership applications and providing Executive members with membership updates. Accepts payment of dues from new and/or renewing members.
  2. Bulletin Coordinator – responsible for producing the quarterly bulletin and schedule.
  3. Hike Coordinator – responsible for creating a schedule of hikes.
  4. Cycle coordinator – responsible for creating a schedule of bike rides.
  5. Work Party Coordinator – responsible for creating a schedule of work parties.
  6. Trip Coordinator – responsible for facilitating multi-day trips.
  7. Presentation Consultant – responsible for presentations at the General Meetings and other club events.
  8. Web Manager – responsible for maintaining the VOA web site and membership application.
  9. Social Event Coordinator – responsible for arranging refreshments at General Meetings.
  10. FMCBC Representative – acts as the VOA representative for FMCBC.
  11. Past President - responsible in assisting the President to ensure continuity in the management of the club.
  12. Director at Large - responsible for special projects and supporting the Executive.